Kildwick to Beamsley

Kildwick to Beamsley 28th November 2014 (Day 4 Beacons Way)

This walk should have been an easy to moderate walk with a total distance is 14.5km (9 miles) with the hardest bit being the climb out of Silsden to the moors above Addingham and should have taken 4 hours. It was not to be. It stared fine with the easy walk along the Leeds Liverpool Canal but it then stared to rain and the cloud came down turning it into a moderate to hard walk taking nearly 5 hours to complete.

Leeds Liverpool Canal Kildwick
Leeds Liverpool heading towards Silsden
Moorings Silsden
Looking rather wet
Colourful sheep at tuping tip
Swing bridge at Addingham over the River Wharfe
Looking back towards Addingham
Narrow path to Beamsley
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Walk statistics
Total Distance 14.5km
Total Time 4:50 hrs
Ave Moving Speed 3.6km
Ave Speed 2.9km
Total Ascent 607m
Total Descent 477m

Walk Statistics