Grasmere Trip Day 1

Day 1 – Elterwater 5th June 2015

Elterwater is a village in the English Lake District and the county of Cumbria. The village lies half a mile (800m) north-west of the lake of Elter Water, from which it derives its name. Both are situated in the valley of Great Langdale.

The mornings walk is an easy one at a total distance is 9.5km (6 miles) with the hardest bit been the climb out of Elterwater to Howe Bank before making our way to “Cathredal Cave” a disused quarry. The Cathedral quarries are a small network of inter-linked quarries above Little Langdale. The system is best known for its main chamber, which still stands forty feet in height, and is lit by two windows off the main quarry. The walk should take just less than 3hrs.

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Elterwater 5.6.2015 001

Elterwater village green ready to set off

Elterwater 5.6.2015 006

Climbing to Howe Bank


Climbing to Howe Bank

Elterwater 5.6.2015 008

Wilson Place Little Langdale


Wilson Place Little Langdale


Entrance to Cathedral Cave

Elterwater 5.6.2015 012

Cathedral Cave

Elterwater 5.6.2015 014

Cathedral Cave

Elterwater 5.6.2015 020

Looking back towards Little Langdale

Elterwater 5.6.2015 023

Looking back towards Little Langdale

The afternoons walk was shorter but a little more challenging with the  steeper climbing out of Chapel Stile up to Lang How before dropping down to Grasmere where where stopping the night in  the youth hostel a distance of 4.5km (2.75miles)

As we started our climb it started to rain but by the time we got to the top the cloud cover was lifting and before long the sun was out

Elterwater 5.6.2015 030

Climb out of Chapel Stile

Elterwater 5.6.2015 032

Climb out of Chapel Stile

Elterwater 5.6.2015 036

Climb out of Chapel Stile


Phil looking back at where we have come from

Elterwater 5.6.2015 037

Elterwater in the valley bottom

Elterwater 5.6.2015 039

Looking down Great Langdale


Looking down Great Langdale

Elterwater 5.6.2015 044

Langdale Pike in the distance

Elterwater 5.6.2015 045

Dropping towards Grasmere

Elterwater 5.6.2015 048

Dropping towards Grasmere


Coming into Grasmere

Elterwater 5.6.2015 050