Grass Cutting Tender:
The Parish Council would like to invite contractors to tender for the 3 year grass cutting contract in Thornton in Craven. If you would like to tender please contact for more information of areas.
Deadline for quotations is 4pm on Thursday 31st January 2019

Voter ID consultation:
Craven District Council is running a consultation asking residents whether they think we should take part in a Voter ID trial in the next district and parish elections.
The consultation can be found here:
More information is available at
Copies of this consultation document are also available at Belle Vue Square, Skipton, Settle Tourist Information Centre and in Craven libraries.


North Yorkshire County Council Elections – Thursday, May 4th, 2017

The overall results for North Yorkshire County Council can be found here.

Election summary for Craven Wards:

Wards Elected Candidate Elected Party
Airedale Patrick Mulligan Conservative
Mid-Craven Gillian Quinn Conservative
North Craven David Ireton Conservative
Ribblesdale Richard Welch Conservative
Skipton East Robert Heseltine Independent
Skipton West Andrew Solloway Independent
South Craven Philip Barrett Independent

Thornton in Craven Annual Parish Meeting

Tuesday 5th April 2017 to be held in the Village Hall

The Chairman of the Parish Council invites all residents of the parish to attend this year’s Parish Meeting, to be held on April 5th in the village hall at 7.30 p.m.
The Annual Parish Meeting is a valuable opportunity for those eligible to attend (i.e. those residents registered to vote) to pose questions relating to any aspect of parish life – these could, for example, be church, school, village hall, Parish Council, police or highways related, or indeed about anything at all pertaining to the parish.
Anyone with a particular question on any subject is requested to inform the Clerk of the meeting (the Clerk to the P.C ) by no later than March 27th, (agenda has to be out 7 days prior to the meeting) so that the item may be placed on the agenda and a representative person from the area concerned can be invited to attend the meeting to respond to questions.
Only items included on the agenda can be voted on –the usual format for any meeting.
The results of the discussion of agenda items and any vote taken will then be forwarded to the relevant body for their consideration.
Matters raised (that are not on the agenda) during a meeting may be discussed, if there is sufficient time as the meeting will close no later than 9pm.