Barley to Thornton

Barley to Thornton 21st October 2014 (Day 2 Beacons Way)

Day 2 of the Beacons Way is from Barley in Lancashire to Thornton in Craven in North Yorkshire, a moderate walk of 15.5 km (10 miles) Just before Blacko we came a cross a field full of Buffalo which is not what you expect in Lancashire. A bull was quite interested in our appearance which had us looking for an escape route!

Overlooking the village of Blacko is Stansfield Tower (also known as Blacko Tower), which was built around 1890. A local grocer, Jonathan Stansfield, built this circular rough stone tower to provide himself with a view over Ribblesdale from the top.

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Walk statistics
Total Distance 15.5km
Total Time 4:50 hrs
Ave Moving Speed 3.9km
Ave Speed 3.4km
Total Ascent 377m
Total Descent 243m

Walk statistics