Norber Erratics

8th January 2016

The Norber erratics are one of the finest groups of glacial erratic boulders in Britain. They are found on the southern slopes of Ingleborough, close to the village of Austwick in the Yorkshire Dales.

Many of the Millstone Grit boulders at the site are perched on pedestals of limestone up to 30cm high. The boulders were probably deposited by melting ice sheets at the end of the last ice age, around 12,000 years ago. The pedestals have developed because the erratic boulders have protected the underlying limestone from solution by rainfall, giving estimates of the rate of lowering of the surrounding limestone pavement of around 25mm per 1000 years.

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Walk statistics
Total Distance 9.2km
Total Time 2:34hrs
Ave Moving Speed 4.1km
Ave Speed 3.6km
Total Ascent 294m
Total Descent 294m

Walk elevation and distance