Pen-y-Ghent Moon Walk

Pen-y-Ghent Moon Walk 1st February 2015

This walk was arranged at short notice as 3 things had to come together for it to work. There has to be snow on the ground, it has to be a clear night and a full moon so that we can climb without the need for head touches. The pictures do not show how clear and bright it was and once on the summit how cold the wind was. The mountain weather forecast was predicting a wind chill of -20c  on the top so we wrapped up well and our intention was not to spot for long at the summit. It was well worth the effort.

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Walk statistics
Total Distance 9.6km
Total Time 3:12hrs
Ave Moving Speed 3.7km
Ave Speed 3.00km
Total Ascent 614m
Total Descent 614m

Walk Statistics