Whalley to Barley

Whalley to Barley 31st October 2014 (Day 1 Beacons Way)

Beacons Way is a long distance walk of 50 mlies from Whalley Lancashire, to Otley W.Yorkshire via Pendle, Pinhaw and Beamsley Beacons, exploring witchcraft, folklore and earth magic en route

The walk starts at Whalley Abbey an old Cistercian Abbey of Stanlow, in Cheshire which moved to Whalley in 1296. The Church was built between 1330 and 1380, but the Abbot’s lodging and Infirmary were not completed until c. 1440. After the dissolution of the Monastery in 1537, the property passed into private hands, and Ralph Assheton adapted it to make an Elizabethan Manor House. It remained a private residence until 1923, when the Church of England acquired possession

This section of the walk is an easy. Total distance is 13.5km (8 miles) with the hardest bit been the  steady climb to the summit of Pendle Hill via the Nick Of Pendle and then the steep drop to Barley. The walk should take just less than 4hrs.

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Walk statistics
Total Distance 13.4km
Total Time 4:10 hrs
Ave Moving Speed 4.1km
Ave Speed 3.2km
Total Ascent 649m
Total Descent 478m

Walk statistics