A defibrillator is located outside the Village Hall in a yellow metal box (BD23 3TJ, what3words ///altering.readjust.immunity), on the wall facing the road to the right of the main entrance.

To unlock the cabinet you will need to dial 999 to get the code and call for an ambulance/paramedic (location and code are registered with Yorkshire Ambulance). Do not leave the patient alone and get help to bring the defibrillator to you.

You do not need to be trained to use the defibrillator, as it is designed for untrained personnel. It talks you through the steps and directs you clearly through the steps and will never shock a casualty unless it is needed. Familiarise yourself with the Cardiac Arrest procedure using the below video as training can save valuable time and rids of any confusion in the event of finding a casualty having a Cardiac Arrest.

Our defibrillator is registered with The Circuit – the national defibrillator network, connects defibrillators to NHS ambulance services across the UK so that in those crucial moments after a cardiac arrest, they can be accessed quickly to help save lives.

Defibrillator Make and Model – Mediana HeartOn A15

AED Serial Number – 155817020010

Pads Expiry Date – 23 11 2024

Battery Installation Date – 10 03 2022