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The Village Hall is located on the A56 at the west end of the village near the Church Road junction at the top of the hill. The Hall was originally built in 1853 as the local school and was given to the community in 1905 when a new school was built on Cam Lane. The hall is the hub for a number of village activities including village social events and committee meetings, as well as available for private hire.

The building has significantly changed over time; in the 1970s a basement was added to provide a kitchen (now no longer used), toilets and store room; in 2013 the main hall was completely refurbished including much needed insulation; in 2019 a large extension was added to the rear of the main hall with an accessible toilet located on the ground floor in the hall. This new area has almost doubled the floor area and provided comfortable seating to enjoy the beautiful views over the valley.

The main hall is approximately 10m x 6m and the new extension is 10m x 4.5m with a bar/serving area (small fridge/freezer, large drinks fridge, dishwasher, sink) at one end and seating area with tables at the other, including large screen TV. This room is a relaxed lounge area with great views across the valley. The old kitchen downstairs is now used for storage and has a large fridge/freezer.

The main hall has a sound system (streaming via wifi) for discos etc and a ceiling mounted projector. Music can also be streamed to the bar area.

The hall is a registered charity (charity number: 508056) run by a management committee made up of elected members and representative members. The committee meets four times a year and holds an AGM in March which is open to all residents of the village.

For hirers of the hall who would like to sell or provide alcohol, they may do so under our Premises Licence with the permission of the management committee and compliance with the hire conditions.

Our Premises Licence covers the retail sale of alcohol, performances of dance, films, live music, late night refreshment, plays, provision of facilities for dancing and for making music, recorded music, further details can be found here. We also have TheMusicLicence from PPL PRS which allows us and hirers to legally play music through the radio, TV, other digital devices and live performances.

There is parking for only two cars immediately at the front of the hall. Visitors should not park on the main road but find suitable spaces, such as in the nearby layby in front of St Mary’s church on B6252.

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